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About Mark Dumay

Welcome to my personal website! And thank you for your interest. This page gives you some background information about me.

Who am I?

My name is Mark Dumay, born in the Netherlands on 9 april 1979. In October 2004 I finished my master Technical Informatics at the Delft University of Technology. Currently I'm employed as junior consultant at Accenture in the Netherlands. From 1999 till 2003 I worked for the software engineering company Qurius ETX, and troughout 2003 I was part of the web development agency Tam Tam. Although I have solid experience with software engineering practice, my heart belongs to the application of IT within organizations on a more strategic level. Particularly, I conducted scientific research within the field of Information Systems Development (ISD), focused on philosophical assumptions driving ISD methodologies and methods. In the sections Personal description, Work experience, and Educational background you can find out more about me.


My portrait

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