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Personal description

Although I think it is next to impossible to get to know somebody just by reading some text, I will try to give you an impression of me. Below you can find some of my professional and personal interests.

Professional interests

During the past five years I obtained extensive knowledge of software engineering practice. Although I'm still fascinated with Information Systems Development, my interest has shifted towards the area of tension between organizations and Information Technology. Especially the sociological aspect intrigues me currently. Certainly applications such as ERP, Business Intelligence, and general process management suites can be very powerful, but I like to think the well-considered application of such systems is crucial for success in the long run. Therefore my professional objective is to become a liaison between stakeholders, specialists and organization members.

Personal interests

As I am fascinated by different cultures and also like to get to know myself, traveling to other countries attracts me. Recently I visited a Summer University in Poland and met many fellow European students. Further abroad, I've been to Thailand and India for both vacation and work. At home I try to relive my experiences by preparing some meals of those countries - my cooking seems to improve. Further more I enjoy composing music with the help of a synthesizer, a computer, and sound modules, although my available time is limited. Last but not least, I take pleasure in obtaining some basic Photoshop skills and try it out when designing web sites.

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