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Educational background


Back in 1997 I started my study Technical Informatics at the Delft University of Technology. Although I was also thinking about studying Business Administration, I favored Delft because I suspected it would prove a more solid educational background. Nevertheless, the business side of Information Technology always retained my interest, which is why opted to do some minors in Business Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2003. My specialization is a combination of IT and organizations (within the field of Information Systems Development), so in the end I was able to combine both interests. I graduated the 15th of October, 2004.

Special projects

In 2000 I did my bachelor project in Cochin, India, during the months September through December. During these three months I co-analyzed the existing Help Desk facility of the CUSAT University in Cochin. Based upon the analysis, a recommendation for restructuring of the Help Desk according to ITIL guidelines was presented. To support the future reorganized facility, a Configuration Management Database and a front end were implemented and configured. The resulting Information System incorporates a client-server architecture, with Java and SQL server as enabling technologies. The full project report can be found here and a photographic impression here.

My master's thesis is a critical analysis of DEMO. This abbreviation stands for Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations, and it is a novel methodology to analyze organizations from a communicative perspective. The methodology has been applied successfully during the last ten years to numerous applications like Business Process Redesign, Information Systems Development, and the modeling of virtual organizations. Nevertheless, the application of DEMO is still not in the mainstream, even though it is a very promising methodology. My objective was to pinpoint the field of application of DEMO, in order to improve the marketing activities of the DEMO Centre of Expertise and to determine the agenda for future research. The paper can be found here and a related article here.

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