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Parsing a menu using XML, XSLT, and PHP

Keywords: PHP, XSLT, XML, menu, breadcrumb trail
While I was evaluating PHP and started to restructure this site, I thought it would be nice to use XML for both content and menu of the site. XML allows a structured design of your content that is both flexible and easy to use. Using XSLT you can easily transform this content to HTML. Actually, since XML requires a structured and well-formed page, you get XHTML 1.1 compliance almost for free. This article gives an overview of how to accomplish this using three ingredients: XML, XSLT, and PHP.
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A C# project metrics tool

Requires .NET Framework v1.1
Keywords: C#, SLOC, metrics
This tool displays several metrics of a C# project. The specified project file (*.csproj) is scanned and each contained C# source file is interpreted. The tool displays several accumulated metrics, such as source lines of code (SLOC), total number of whitespace lines, and the total number of lines. These metrics give an impression of the size of an project.
The tool is implemented using Visual Studio 2003 and C#. It is actually a testbed for an XML serializer, which is obtained from a custom model-based code generation tool.
Download binary (.zip file, 21 KB)
Get .NET Framework 1.1

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