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Papers and course reports

This section is divided into research and course reports. The first subsection deals with my graduation research, while the second subsection highlights several reports I wrote for courses in Delft and Rotterdam.


The final year of my study was devoted to research. As part of the new curriculum, students are required to submit two documents. The first document is a report meant for the client, which focuses on the practical aspects of the conducted research. The second document is a scientific paper that deals with the method and results of the research problem. Usually a preliminary research paper that solely focuses on theory - and as such is limited to a discussion of relevant literature - is part of the research as well.

My research focused on the language-philosophical theory of DEMO, which is a methodology to aid organizational analysis. Although DEMO offers a novel approach to problems that arise in applications such as Information Systems Development and Business Process Redesign, it is still not part of the mainstream. As such, I critically analyzed the theory in order to determine its scope. Based upon this knowledge, several recommendations were made to position DEMO methodology in the community of practitioners.

My preliminary research focused on Business Process Reengineering (BPR). I analyzed the underlying assumptions and labeled this 'process thinking'. With respect to Information Systems Development (ISD), the same pitfalls the flawed BPR movement encountered are present. To identify the problems of process thinking, the ISD process is viewed from an interpretivist paradigm, based upon the sociological paradigms of Burrell and Morgan.

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Course reports

In the years prior to my graduation work I wrote reports for several courses. The subsection of Course reports is an overview of the highlights. The reports show a mixture of software engineering practice, business analysis, and formal design methodologies.

A specific highlight is this report, which deals with my bachelor project. The project was conducted at the Cochin University of Science and Technology in Kerala, India. During three months I first analyzed the existing Help Desk facility. Based upon this analysis, some recommendations were made to restructure several aspects of the facility according to ITIL guidelines. To support the reorganized facility a custom application was implemented as well. Part of the application is a Configuration Management Database.

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