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Interoperability of J2EE and .NET web services

2002, Dutch, Co-author, 38 pages
Keywords: Web services, enterprise application integration

A discussion of the use of web services, and their impact on the field of application integration. To investigate if applications developed in .NET or J2EE could be integrated easily in the future, two sample applications are discussed. It is argued that web services could ease the integration problem in the near future.
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Functional design of an IS aimed at the support of the GreenWheels company

2001, Dutch, Co-author, 39 pages
Keywords: functional design, information systems, business process analysis, UML

A reference case of the the mapping between business process analysis and system design. Using DEMO as a formal methodology to analyze the business context, an actual object-oriented, functional design in UML is obtained. It is accompanied by a data design and component design.
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Project Report of the Help Desk ITIL support tool

2001, English, Co-author, 66 pages
Keywords: ITIL, Help Desk, Java, Object-Oriented Software Engineering, UML

Report of the Help Desk ITIL Support tool that was implemented at the Cochin University of Science and Technology, India. It covers the design methodology, a discussion of relevant ITIL elements, and the actual functional and technical design of the tool. The tool is written in Java, based on a client-server architecture, with SQL Server as the backend.
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