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These reports are part of my conducted research. Each document is available for download as .pdf file.

Available reports

Recommendations for DEMO Center of Expertise

2004, Dutch, Author, 61 pages
Keywords: DEMO, recommendations
Based upon both a theoretical analysis and combined quantitative/qualitative research, several recommendations to improve the practical applicability of DEMO methodology are presented. The report is partly based upon this paper and this workshop.
Download .pdf (447 KB)

Report of DEMO workshop 8 September 2004

2004, Dutch, Author, 18 pages
Keywords: DEMO, workshop
Report of the DEMO workshop held at 8 September 2004. In total 19 experts joined a collaborative meeting in a Group Decision Room. They devised several recommendations for the DEMO Center of Expertise to boost the practical applicability of DEMO methodology.
Download .pdf (285 KB)

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